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LOTR Charmed RPG
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Welcome to lotr_charmed, an LOTR RPS/Charmed crossover RPG. If you are interested in joining, please read the below information.

This RPG is set in the charmed-verse where witches, demons, warlocks, whitelighters and other magical creatures are a reality. Any of these types of creatures mentioned (and not mentioned) are open for people to play, though normal humans are also welcomed and strongly desired.

The LOTR movies never happened (at least not involving our actors), so the game is AU in pretty much every sense of the word. You're welcome to have any pup you play also be an actor, but we're not looking at real life history of the various actors here.

In our world, magic and it's creatures live hand in hand with the rest of the world, though most people are not aware of its existence. There is a struggle between Good and Evil, Evil and Evil and sometimes even Good and Good. For those not familiar with Charmed, it is set in completely modern times, with modern day to day trivialities as well as magical concerns.

Characters ideally should be actors from the LOTR movies or from the Charmed show (guest stars count as well). Actors related to the above group via other projects are also welcomed. Any other actors will be considered on a case by case basis, as well as any original characters. Canon characters from the movie/book/show will be considered on a rarer basis, but it never hurts to ask. We're looking for the Good, the Bad and the somewhere In Betweens.

The Charmed Ones will be a real entity within the game, but only by mention normally. They will be standing NPCs located as always in San Francisco. There will be plotlines like you would find on the show--demons attacking, crisises, etc. Some will be Moderator instigated, but most will be player instigated and driven.

Knowledge of Charmed is preferred to join, but not a necessity--any information can be given (or you can be directed to a website with it) to anyone wishing to play. It's not really a hard concept to grasp.

Helpful links for show.movie information can be found here for newbies, as well as some good sites that can help with character and power ideas: here.

Any questions can be directed to the moderator or you may leave a comment in the mod journal: elders.

Taken Characters:
Billy Boyd - Witch - charmedscot
Alyssa Milano - Phoenix (evil witch) - manic_enigma
Karl Urban - Demon Hunter - demonhunterkarl
Elijah Wood - Changeling (human child taken by faeries and raised) - feytouchdelijah
Dominic Monaghan - Darklighter - waningdarkness
Rose McGowen - Witch/Whitelighter mix - darkgothicrose
Holly Marie Combs - Witch - charmed_holly
David Wenham - Shaman - redwallaby
Miranda Otto - Seer - seermirry
Brian Krause (Whitelighter) - Journals not avail. yet
Faith Carter (OC- Witch) - faithcarter
Viggo Mortensen - Whitelighter - onthewingsof

Replacements needed:
Orlando Bloom - Witch (w/ chewy demon center)
Liv Tyler - Succubus

To join you will need to email the moderator the following information:

1. Your name and real LJ name (this won't be shared with anyone other than the moderator(s)).

2. The character you wish to play (please include a second choice as well. You won't be required to create a journal for them until you've been accepted)

3. How you wish to play the character (what are they, etc) a bio (at least a paragraph, but as long as you like) for the character. You may give a basic bio in this first email and write a more detailed one after you have been accepted if you prefer. Any supernatural powers your pup will be in possession of need to be outlined in the bio, as a means of checks and balances in the game.

4. How often you are online and available to play and your time zone.

5a. Any past RPG experience you have (in any fandom, any medium). If it's an LJ (or some other journal) RPG, please include a link to your pup's journal.

5b. A sample of your writing if you do not have a pup journal to send us to.

6. Any other information you'd like us to know about you.

All of this information should be sent to: lotr_charmed@hotmail.com.

Once you have been accepted and have created your pup's journal, please join lotr_charmed, lotr_charmedooc and add all other pup journals, including the mod account: elders.

Also, feel free to visit elders's memories to find bios for all pups, contact information for players, and other pertinent game info.

1. No flaming. If you have a problem with someone, take it up with them privately and maturely. Or if you're not comfortable with that, bring it to the Mods. That's what we're here for, to help you.

2. Posting. Everyone needs to update at least once a week. This can either be via a chat with another character or through a journal post.

3. Chats. All chats done via AIM (or some other medium) should be posted to the community behind LJ-cuts, with any warnings for NC-17 material.

4. Slash: It is allowed, but not mandatory. So be respectful.

5. Plotlines: Any huge plotlines should have consent of all characters directly involved. If it affects the whole game, the Mods should be informed of your plans before they do them (IE: character death, character changes, etc)

6. Common courtsey: Just treat one another with respect, and how you would like to be repeated. And most of all: have fun! It's a game.

7. Disclaimers: All journals must have a disclaimer listed in their userinfo (LJ wants us too, and hey it's quick and painless), preferally with a link to a full disclaimer. You can find an example in manic_enigmas's userinfo)

Only members of the game are allowed to join the community, but anyone is free to watch and read along as they see fit. More indepth rules can be found here.

Disclaimer: This is a game, we are not the actual actors, nor do we claim to know them or anyone related to them. No harm is meant to them or their family and friends.

We do not own, nor did we create, the Charmed universe, nor do we make any profit from this game or community.

Flames will be laughed at and/or ignored and deleted.